Problems with humidity and lack of comfort?

Until now, there was no material that could solve both of these problems, which are so common in the manufacture of outdoor furniture and products that have the property of breathability.

Gravidry is comfort

Gravidry is synonymous with comfort because we have a very wide range of foams in different densities, hardnesses and cell sizes. This allows us to work with customers and suggest the best foam, or combination of foams, for the model of seat, backrest or outdoor product you want to manufacture.

Gravidry is perspiration

Gravidry is synonymous with breathability. Moisture problems such as fungus, black spots, odours, etc. are solved with our open-cell foams. Air is the natural enemy of moisture.
Our philosophy is to work with breathable materials so that an open circuit is generated inside the product to prevent moisture from lodging inside.

Outdoor furniture with indoor comfort

Until now, manufacturing outdoor products using indoor materials has been a limitation due to the usual materials. GRAVIDRY offers a wide range of outdoor foams to bring the comfort of indoors outside. Join the IN/OUT revolution.